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Your Estate Plan Online's Legacy Vault

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Get Secure Digital Storage for the Documents that Will Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Empower your family with seamless access to vital information whenever they need it! Being prepared for the unexpected can make all the difference when a crisis arises, allowing you to focus on the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. With proper safeguards in place, you can rest easy knowing that important information and documents are easily accessible in times of emergency - even if that emergency is a house fire or a flood!

Your Estate Plan Online's My Life & Wishes Vault is a cutting-edge solution, offering peace of mind and protection for both your active life and your legacy. With our platform, you can easily store vital documents, passwords, and even end-of-life plans, ensuring that everything you need is accessible at any time, day or night. This platform also makes it simple to share important information with your family, including financial details, insurance information, wills, and even your funeral wishes. 


For a one-time fee of only $500.00, The Vault powered by My Life and Wishes can be secured for the entirety of your lifetime!

Learn more about our security measures and our privacy policy that protects you and your documents.

Image by Daniel Seßler

Craft a comprehensive plan with guidance at every stage of life with these powerful features: 

The Ability to Have an Account Co-Owner

Want to share an account with your spouse, partner, or family member? You have the option of co-managing a joint account with your spouse, where you can store dedicated information about each of you that will be easy to find when needed in emergencies. 

Flexible Access for Your Authorized Users

Give loved ones access to your plan on your terms. Limit what sections specific authorized users see and what they can edit. In case of emergency, your family could easily find banking information, online bill accounts and logins, auto-pay records, insurance policies, and more!

Unlimited Digital Document Uploads

Upload copies of important documents so your loved ones never have to search for the files they need. Store tax records, bank statements, titles, insurance policies, wills, marriage licenses, birth certificates, military service records, personal notes, and more. (Files up to 40MB each).

A Secure, Encrypted Account You Can Trust

Your privacy is the top priority. Store and share your records and wishes with the confidence of industry-leading security features. Learn more about our security measures and our privacy policy that protects you and your documents. 

Our vault gives you peace of mind that’s hard to match! You’ll sleep easier knowing you don’t need to worry about misplaced information, or loss of critical documents in fires, floods or other disasters or emergencies.

With your own Legacy Vault, you can enjoy...​

  • Military-grade security (AES 256 encryption)

  • Ability to add users with specific “levels” of access (spouse, children, partners, attorney, etc.)

  • Control over editing/updating personal notes, accounts, and users

  • Ability to scan and upload documents

  • A safe place for account numbers and login credentials

  • A one-stop location for noting your social media handles and passwords

  • Fields to add notes on miscellaneous items or records

  • A backup resource in the event of natural disasters

  • A helpful spot for details on your subscriptions and auto-pay bills that others may not know

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones no matter the distance or time

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Take a Look Inside the Vault 

Image by Daniel Seßler

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is my information stored?

    • ​All information is housed in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure. Here is a small sample of companies utilizing Microsoft Azure: 3M, Airbus Defense and Space, BMW, Bühler Group, Caesars Entertainment, Century Link, Coca-Cola, Honeywell Inc, Intel, Intercontinental Hotels, Johnson Controls, LG Electronics, Lexus, NBC Universal, Pitney Bowes, Seattle Seahawks, Trek Bicycle, Uber, Verizon, Walgreens.

  • ​Who has access to my information?

    • Only you, your Co-Owner and any Authorized Users you may have assigned.
      We are a zero-knowledge company. Meaning, no one at My Life and Wishes can see your information.
      All data is encrypted using 256 encryption and 2048 bits of encryption power, equivalent to a number
      that is 617 digits long. Your data is encrypted while stored and encrypted again when transmitted
      between systems, (i.e. uploaded by you) and again when retrieved (downloaded) when you need it.

  • How secure is my data?

    • Our technology uses AES 256 encryption, the same quality relied on by banks, the military and the U.S. government. My Life and Wishes also offers the option of adding Multi-Factor Authentication to your account, for an added layer of protection.

  • What about data breaches?

    • My Life and Wishes has no “data base” or aggregate access to customer platforms. Your data is uniquely encrypted for you and those that you choose to share it with.

  • What information am I required to put into my account?

    • We understand that everyone’s comfort level is different when it comes to security. We built the platform with this in mind. The sections in your site never require account numbers or other personal or identifying information. This allows customers to create a roadmap for their loved ones, with their comfort level in mind.

  • Can I print a copy of my entire record to keep in a safe deposit box or give to someone I trust?

    • If you are on an annual subscription, you have the ability to print your entire record. (This option is not available on the monthly plan.)

  • If I close my account, what happens to the data and information I entered?

    • Once a customer closes their account, the data remains for a 90-day grace period. After 90 days, all information is permanently deleted.

  • What happens to my data if My Life and Wishes is sold or acquired?

    • If MLW at some point is involved in a merger, acquisition, sale, reorganization, liquidation or other disposition of all or substantially all of its assets to another entity, you will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our Site of any such change in ownership and of the choices available to you.

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