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Your Will Plan

A will can help ensure that your wishes are carried out and provide you with peace of mind.

A will is a legal document that outlines how your assets will be distributed after you pass away. It allows you to name beneficiaries, specify how your assets will be divided, and even designate guardians for your minor children. By creating a will, you can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, rather than being subject to state laws.


But always keep in mind, a Will alone does not avoid the court process of probate for your heirs and loved ones.

A Will is only your instructions to the court. 


What's Included:

Last Will & Testament

This document is very important, but should never have to be used. The Pour-Over Will is used on the rare occasion that an asset is left out of the trust. It lets the court know that if something was inadvertently left out of the trust, you didn't want your heirs going through the court process. 

Living Will 

This is also known as a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) document. You will be able to specify your preferences for whether you want life-sustaining medical treatment for end-of-life decisions.  

Declaration of Remains

Allow your agent to order your disposition (burial/cremation) and to be given the authority to collect you as well once you've passed. 

Financial Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents are for when you are alive, but unable to make key decisions. Here you will assign an agent (person) to manage your day-to-day personal and business financial responsibilities if you happen to become incapacitated. 

Medical Power of Attorney

This is a key document in Your Estate Plan. You will assign an agent to advocate for your medical decisions if you become incapacitated.


HIPAA Authorization

Give authorization to a trusted agent to receive protected medical and health information for specific purposes. 


Some of the benefits of creating

Your Will Plan include:

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  • Deciding who handles your affairs
  • Nomination of guardians for minor children and pets
  • Decide what happens in a medical emergency
  • Designating health care agents to advocate for when you can't
  • Specify your final arrangements
  • Leave specific gifts - money, possessions, etc.
  • Exclude individuals from receiving your assets
  • Give trusted agents access to your medical information and records
  • Provide conditions on how assets are distributed

Get Your Will in place today!

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