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Legacy Sips and Tips: A Star Wars Day Premiere!

Tomorrow is a day of galactic proportions - May the 4th, Star Wars Day! And to celebrate in style, I'm thrilled to announce that my very first Legacy Sips and Tips podcast episode launches tomorrow, right on this auspicious day.

In this premiere episode, I'm taking you on a first date with me, the host behind this podcast. Join us as we delve into the reasons why I decided to start this podcast, my passion for estate planning, and a whirlwind discussion that touches on everything from wine to entrepreneurship, all while navigating the treacherous waters of life.

So, why estate planning, you might ask? Well, picture this: a young Lindsay, wide-eyed and eager, navigating the complexities of life like a starship through the asteroid field. From a young age, Lindsay realized the importance of planning for the future, whether it was mapping out her next adventure on the slopes or dreaming up her next entrepreneurial endeavor.

As I journeyed through life, experiencing its highs and lows, I came to understand the true value of estate planning - not just as a legal necessity, but as a means of preserving the legacy of those we love.

But don't worry,this isn't your typical estate planning podcast. No, we're not just here to talk about wills and trusts (although we'll definitely touch on those too). We're here to explore the intersection of life and death, of love and legacy, in a way that's as engaging as a cantina brawl on Mos Eisley!

And as we sip on our glasses of Alderaanian wine (or maybe it's just a good old-fashioned glass of pinot noir from Earth), we'll discuss everything from my latest travels to my adventures in entrepreneurship. We'll dive into the exhilarating world of snowboarding, where I feels most alive, carving through fresh powder like a Jedi through a field of battle droids.

So grab your lightsaber, hop in your X-wing, and watch the premiere tomorrow at this link.

 May the 4th be with you, and may this podcast be the beginning of your epic journey through the stars, estate planning, and beyond.

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